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Full Body Wrap £65.00

Full Body Wrap with Targeted Extreme Booster £70.00

Cellulite Treatment with CACI ECM £70.00

Home Care Kit £129.00

Body wrapping is an enormously popular beauty treatment. Lots of clients are looking for a ‘quick fix’ to look leaner; be it to help them with that summer beach body, to help them ease into a little black dress for a big night out, in the run up to a wedding, or simply as part of their on-going beauty regime. It is important to note, that our active ingredient makes this an inch loss treatment - INCHES WILL STAY OFF; however, it must be combined with sensible eating and exercise. A course of inch loss treatments can help to kick start a diet or help with overcoming a plateau in dieting, or help remove those lumps and bumps after childbirth. The treatment does not however tighten slackened muscle.

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a luxurious and pain free inch loss treatment that removes unwanted fat from all over the body. It does not rely on dehydration or water loss for its results. You so not need to exercise or diet to achieve inch loss.​

Three times more powerful than ordinary weight loss wraps, the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap offers amazing inch loss after just one session. Excellent for getting rid of stubborn extra inches on stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs and upper arms, clients have reported an immediate and average loss of between 3-6 inches.​

The only clinically proven inch loss wrap system available – hailed by the press as the loss leader – Shrinking Violet outsells its competition by 10:1.

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is adored by clinical and beauty professionals and celebrities worldwide!


What is the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap?​

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap uses a process of Lipolysis (the painless breakdown of fat cells). Treatment involves the application of a specially-formulated solution into the skin. The ingredients used during the Shrinking Violet wrap include an active phospholipid solution, pre-blended essential oils designed to reduce cellulite, these are made up into a nanoceutical solution which means the active ingredients can penetrate the skin in seconds. Once the solution has been applied, a transparent film, called ‘Wrapture’, is wrapped around your body. Simply relax on our heated treatment bed, covered in blankets, while the formula works to help you lose inches. The Shrinking Violet Body wrap works to breakdown unwanted subcutaneous fat and has no affect on the fat stored elsewhere in the body nor the water and muscle mass that affect your weight, so expect inch loss, but do not expect weight loss from this treatment.​

Add Shrinking Exteme Booster

What is it? Shrinking Extreme Booster is a super concentrated pre-treatment serum using nanoceutical technology designed to shrink inches. It can be used as a spot treatment on specific areas prior to treatment! Formulated without artificial fragrances or colour. A serum – a super-concentrated serum to shrink inches.

How does it work? The Nanoceutical technology facilitates skin penetration, offering clear benefits over competitive technologies, is biometric by design, with exceptionally small size Nanoceuticals (10-40nm) far smaller than those used currently used within the Shrinking Violet oil. e.g. liposomes which range from 50 to 1000nm. Meaning it can penetrate quicker due to its smaller size giving a two pronged effect when used with the Shrinking Violet Wrap oil.

What are the Benefits?

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is excellent for getting rid of stubborn extra inches on stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs and upper arms, clients have reported an immediate and average loss of between 3-6 inches.​

  • Possible to reduce by a dress size  

  • Possible to reduce body fat by 2.5% 

  • No water loss 

  • Relaxing and De-Stressing 

  • Detoxifying 

  • Removes fat from difficult areas. 

  • Instant results

  • Kind to your skin

How long does the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Take?

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap appointments normally last 90 minutes, allowing time for you to get comfortable beforehand and to rebalance after laying down for an extended period.


Can I combine the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap with another treatment? 

Yes! Shrinking Violet Body Wrap can be combined with many of our face treatments.


What results will I see? 

Clients have reported an immediate and average loss of between 3-6 inches. However, maintaining these results depend on your lifestyle, eat healthily and exercise regularly and the the results are more likely to last. If you eat excessive calories and lead a sedentary lifestyle the results will not last as long.


How often should I have a a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap?

You can have just a one off wrap for a great body boost or 

for optimum results we advise the following frequency of treatments:

• 1 st Week: 2 wraps: 72 hours apart

• 2 nd Week 3 rd wrap

• 3 rd Week 4 th wrap

• 4 th Week 5 th wrap

• 5 th Week 6 th wrap

• Next month 1 wrap fortnightly

• Next month 1 wrap


How will I feel during a shrinking Violet Body Wrap?

Clients feel relaxed, and find the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap to be an enjoyable experience, especially as you are laying on our luxury heated treatment bed. The treatment includes a deep lymphatic drainage massage using our professional massager, massaging the booster into problem areas and the solution all over the body, you are then wrapped in LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) coextruded 5 layer “cast” high grade stretch film which is made of “virgin” pure polyethylene polymers and is 100% recyclable. It is thicker and has lots of stretch to enable you to wrap a client, it is designed to not absorb any of the product so it all goes into the skin. You are then wrapped nice and warm for the solution to work within the body for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes of relaxation you are unwrapped and ready to go. Please note we do not measure our clients, if you would like to have a record of your measurements you can measure before and after you come to the clinic.

What happen after the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap?

Your skin will be grease free, will feel hydrated and smell of lavender, cypress and juniper from the scented oil. The solution continues to work for 72 hours, so we recommend not showering or bathing for at least 48 hours.

Urination will be increased immediately after treatment and you may experience increased urination for several days. ​​

For best results avoid alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks for 24hrs before and after your treatment.

Drink 1-2 litres of water a day for 48hrs before and after treatment.​

Do not moisturise your body on the day of your treatment.​

Eat lighter meals on the day of your treatment.


To maintain your results at home or for clients who do not want to come into the salon for the wrap, there is now a home care version. This includes the Shrinking Violet Solution (this kit does not contain the booster as this is a professional product only), body suit, measuring tape and record card. 

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