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This eBook and video gives you everything you need to get started with Face Yoga.

The eBook includes:

  • About Face Yoga and how and when is best to practice it

  • Conscious Breathing Practices

  • Face Yoga Warm - To prepare and relax the face for your session

  • Face Yoga for the Forehead - To help with forehead lines and lines in between the eyebrows

  • Face Yoga  for the Eyes - For dark circles, puffiness and crows feet

  • Face Yoga  for the Nose & Cheeks - To reshape the nose, reduce laughter lines and help reduce puffy cheeks

  • Face Yoga  for the Mouth & Lips - Improves lines around the lips and help make the lips fuller

  • Face Yoga for the Jaw & Neck - Refines the jaw line and strengthens the neck muscles 

  • Facial Reflexology Cool Down Session Triggering specific points on the face for the reduction of wrinkles and toning up the skin, as well as giving you a general feeling of well being.

  • Included is a video of the whole session to help support and guide you.

Daily Face Yoga Ebook with Supporting Video