With the power of Plasma, there’s no need for surgery

A proven technology, Plasma Lift is the perfect choice to treat ageing skin, a revolutionary system that improves photo damaged skin, bringing fresher, firmer, more youthful looking skin, improving fine lines and sun damage. It’s the only treatment that has a proven record of generating new skin – with results and improvements for up to a year after the initial treatment.

A proven alternative to invasive surgical techniques, Plasma Lift offers a quick and easy extremely effective alternative. Plasma Lift is an alternative for the patient looking at little downtime, highly tolerable procedures while obtaining clinical improvement. Plasma Lift works at and below the surface of the skin, to modify the skin’s architecture generating new collagen and elastin fibres, giving clinical improvements in skin tone, texture and laxity which are seen immediately and continue long term.

Plasma is commonly used for treating:
  • Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty (eye bag removal)

  • Upper Eye Lift

  • Crows Feet

  • Brow Lift

  • Full Eye Lift Treatment 

  • Full Neck Lift

  • Lower Face Lift 

  • Lipstick Lines (Smokers lines) 

  • Naso-Labial Folds

  • Wrinkles removal

  • Acne Scarring

  • Stretch Marks

  • Stomach Tightening

  • C-Section scars

  • Underarms (Bingo Wings)

  • Skin Tags

  • Benign Lesions

  • Age spots/Sun Damage


The plasma skin tightening facial uses the plasma technology but instead of the intense plasma arc, the delivery is via a larger disc, promoting a general skin tightening and increase in collagen and elastin, without creating the plasma dots. The effects are not as dramatic as the targeted plasma lift treatment but for client that want a general skin tightening with no downtime, this is a great alternative.

The treatment starts with a Mandelic Acid skin peel to gently exfoliate the skin and even out skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C is applied and the plasma disc is used over the face & neck, having a double action of firming the skin and electroporation pushing the products deeper into the skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin-C helps to minimise fine lines, scars and wrinkles and stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Hyaluronic Acid helps moisturise and plump the skin. A smaller ball disc is then used for a more intense plasma treatment over lines, eye bags and to help lift select areas. The treatment is completed with a moisturiser to suit your skin type and an SPF to protect your skin from UV damage.

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