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One in three women over the age of 35 suffer from hyperpigmentation, which increases as the age. This figure raises to 85% amongst women over 40 years old.  


The dark spots caused by chronic sun exposure can be two types: lentigo or melasma.

Melasma, which generally affects women, especially those with darker skin types, primarily appears as a results of hormonal changes. This type of hyperpigmentation normally appears on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin areas.


Lentigines, usually caused by the effects of UV Light, also appear due to skins ageing process. These are localised well defined spots.

Meline is the only brand specializing in treatments for hyperpigmentation. Meline have developed separate products to treat both melasma and lentigines. Each product contains a specific combination of ingredients in specific concentrations.


A clinical study of 168 participants was carried out, including patients with hyperpigmentation, skin ageing and acne.

  • Excellent results in 95% of cases of hyperpigmentation

  • Excellent results in 90% of cases for the aged skin group

  • Excellent results in 85% of patients with acne-prone skin

  • Excellent results in 65% of cases with melano-hematic pigmentation

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