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Hi I'm Vicki Hexter, I've been in the beauty industry for over 30 years and have spent most of that training therapists to become the best they can be and go on to have the careers they have worked so hard to achieve.


The Beauty industry has become saturated recently with therapists doing short courses. I believe to stand out from the crowd you need to be following the right path, to be the best in the industry, but with the confusion over what that is, I have put together information to explain the best pathway for you and your clients. 



Where do I come into this?

work with IvanMed, EcoDiode and I am affiliated with Zemits and Infini products to provide bespoke all rounded training in products and equipment. All my training courses have been developed by myself to create a comprehensive course using the most advanced products. All these course are post graduate courses, meaning you need to have a professional qualification to do them.

I also give advice to all my students on insurance, licensing and general business, as having my own clinic for 25 years I have experienced all the good, bad and ugly side of the industry and to save you from having to, I can pass that knowledge onto you.

I have a ecological and holistic way of training giving pointers on how to make the treatment more ecological and how to treat your client in a more holistic way.

All the courses I train are accredited by Centre of CPD Excellence one of the leading center's created by therapists who wanted to bring a standard back into the industry. Due to its high standards they have a wide range of insurance companies that recongise them.

IvanMed UK is the distributor for Dermapen and their Dermacueticals products, CryoPen, Meline Pigmentation Treatments, Innoaesthethics, Ameson MesoPeels & MesoTech Mesotherapy, Juliette Armand Products. I work independently training therapists in all these devices and products. This is done in small intimate groups or in London for bigger groups.

EcoDiode is an advanced laser machine embracing the eco ethos. Vicki trains students in all the elements EcoDiode has to offer: Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Carbon Facials, Pigmentation removal, Thread Vein Removal and Radio Frequency.

I also provide bespoke training in fat dissolving, mesotherapy, skin boosters, radio frequency and ultrasonic cavitation, plasma pen, advanced cosmetic procedures and skin peels. Being affiliated with Zemits, Inifi and Innoaesthetics my training is not just the basic information, it has in-depth training and practical training with products and devices.

Getting insurance to provide the treatments you train in

Getting insured for your business is the same as getting car insurance. Every insurer has a team of underwriters that look at each business to meet a set of pre-requirements. This could be age, experience, qualifications and treatment risk.


Acceptance by an insurer is always done on a case by case basis and a student accepted by one company, another may be refused even with the same certificate.

Prior to booking a place on a course first check you can get insurance cover your treatment. Ethically students should meet some minimum prerequisites, especially for the more advanced treatments.

Find out about getting insured on my understand qualifications page.





  • The the courses I provide are accredited by Centre of CPD Excellence

  • A CPD certificate and CPD points will be given on completion

  • I used a combination of techniques and brands where possible to get the most from you training and choices for when you start providing the treatments

  • The theory is provided by PDF workbook which is send prior to your training.

  • Going through the theory and the practical session can be provided either my London or Essex training clinics or via Zoom (depending on your insurance requirements).

  • Training can be taken as it is or products and equipment can be included.

  • Any updates to training will be emailed to you, so you always have the latest version.

For more information and find out about packages and training contact me directly at :



Ivanmed are at the forefront of beauty and aesthetic training, providing practitioners a full training package across all our leading brands.

When you invest in one of their innovated products or equipment you get fully accredited training comprising of theory online and then practical skills with trainers like myself either at our training centers or at your clinic.

Delegates receive an CPD accredited certificated from governing body OCN after completion or the training. These certificates are recognised by leading insurance companies within the UK.

What's Included

  • Access to an interactive, online training portal with full theory and practical training

  • Once signed up, you will receive ongoing access which will allow you to refer to information, protocols, and videos

  • As a member you will see all the new training courses that are available before anyone else

  • Full range of training courses from microneedling, cryotherapy, chemical peeling, mesotherapy & skincare

  • CPD points can be obtained during each training course and will allow practitioners to build up their CPD points

  • All training’s are OCN accredited and you will receive a certificate after each course you complete

For more information and to get the best deals on packages and training contact me directly at :



It is important with regulations and the special treatment license you get this right but there is so much contradicting information, so I have put together a honest pathway to get what you need.​

At the moment you do not need a level 4 qualification to provide laser, you need to be level 3 qualified with the following certification. 

  • Core of knowledge

  • Laser hair removal

  • Laser Skin Treatments

  • Tattoo removal

  • Carbon Facials

  • Trained paratactically on the machine you will be using

If you are buying a machine with training all this should be included in your training and you should not need to train in it separately.


When would I need to so this training?

  1. If you buy a second hand machine and have no laser training

  2. You want to have the training on your CV to make you more employable for laser clinics

  3. You want to update your skills

  4. You didn't feel confident with the training you had 

For more information and find out about packages and training contact me directly at :

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Core of Knowledge
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Ecodiode Machine Training
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Carbon Facials
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Laser Training Packages
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Laser Skin Treatments
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Tattoo Removal